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Snowbuilding is composed of activities aimed on fostering teamspirit. Let´s try team skying, searching by avalanche sond or make bone fire by tinder-box. 


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30 €.

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Basic information

There are 6 activities in price of this programe. Each of them requires strategy, team cooperation and communication to win the game. The activities are fun to do and physically easy. 

 Price includes:

Additional possibilities:

Programe for 20 pax in 2 teams.

Additional team of up to 10 people (150€)

6 activities and 2 instructors

Additional activities or instructors (from 50€)

Transport in Bratislava region, coordinating person

Transport and realization outside of Bratislava district 

Introduction [1 X 15min]

We will start by icebreaking or energizer. The aim of this activity is to start moving, learn something about each other and get divided into the teams. 

Activities [6 X 20min]

Team skying

This is an ideal activity for communication and cooperation, since the team has to move all together on one pair of skies.

Winter archery 

Sun sets early during wither - that is why we have both possibility to bring an illuminated target or move the archery inside. 

Avalanche sond 

Imagine being on a skying trip with your colleges and an avalanche strikes you. We will show you how to find them under the snow! 

Bonefire making. 

Get back to basics - there will be no matches or lighters to make the fire. You will learn how to create fire by tinder box.  

Viking game of Kubb 

Kubb is a traditional Viking game inspired by conquering kingdoms. Two teams will play again each other throwing the dice in turns - but be careful king has to be killed last!  

First aid on snow 

You will learn how to treat frostbite limbs, or how to take help a supercooled person.  alebo ako ošetriť podchladeného. This activity can be overseen by our instructors, but we strongly advice to bring professional rescue personal for higher learning potential.  

Evaluation [30min]

All above mentioned activities can be evaluated in a short space of time. 

For this reason we can give you "scores" and award the wining team as well as help you to start with feedback. This will both help you remember the knowledge and deepen the experience. 

Why with us?

We have a lot of experience with outdoor teambuildings in many locations. For this reason we are able to create the programe so, that it is interesting and feasible for all participants. 

Our instructors are skilled professionals who can create good atmosphere and are flexible if the team or conditions requires it. Apart of that it is easy to book the activity with us - the price and programe are displayed from the start. 

We are looking forward to your team!


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Snowbuilding is composed of activities aimed on fostering teamspirit. Let´s try team skying, searching by avalanche sond or make bone fire by tinder-box.