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Workshops are excelent for Christmas and Saint Nicolas parties for kids or adults. The difficulty of the workshops can be adjusted in to the needs of each groups. Try creating Christmas decorations, candles, or bird houses.


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This activity can also be a part of a teambuilding programe. 

Workshops will create friendly atmosphere and open environment. This will boost the conversation and give you unique possibility to get to know your colleges better. The cooperation on a common goal will foster your team spirit. 

Price includes:

Additional possibilities:

Price depends on amount of participants and lengt of the venue.

Please contact us for exact price offer.

 Rental of one workshop for up to 3 hours and 50 participants 

 Longer time on the activity

 Workshop for up to 10 people at one time

 Additional workshop or capacity

 Transport in Bratislava district

Transfer out of Bratislava district

The workshops:

Gingerbread house 

This activity loved by people who are both creative and technical thinking.

Your task will be to create a unique gingerbread construction. The process starts with careful cutting of the gingerbread, continues by sticking the parts together by sugar icing and finishes by candy decoration. 

Bird houses

The activity suits both kids and skilled craftsman. It is up to you to decide the level of difficulty. Moreover we will also give you the information about the right nutrition for birds during winter. 

Skilled craftsman - for adults and kids above 10 years. 

You will cut the wood and cardboard yourself. The shape can be inspired by our blueprints or you can create a unique construction. 

Easy way - for less skilled adults and children above 5 years. 

You will be given pre-cut parts of the bird houses. Your task will be to connect and decorate them. 

Advent wreath

We will give you all the necessary material and help with creation of the most beautiful advent wreaths you have ever made! The final creation can decorate your office or home. 

Linocut– original printed postcards.

This technique will enable you to create an original printing mold for printing postcards. The unique postcards can be then sent to your friends! 

The process is easy. You will first draw the motive to the linoleum a then engrave it. The final step is to add color and make as manny postcards as you wish. The level of difficulty depends on you. You can choose an easy shape of star or more elaborate motives such as winter country. Our pre-made blueprints will help you to get inspired.

Painting on glass

Glass painting is requires gentle hands and a lot of patience, but it is not very hard. The level of difficulty is decided by you and your theme. 

The choice of glass is on you. The most fawourite are glasses, flasks, and candlesticks, but we will be more then happy to give you more posibilites and help you with the painting. 

Bee wax candles

Create a candle from quality eco material. The creation of a candle is easy, jet the feeling of coection with nature and the ability to create something personal is priceless. Enjoy the jolly mood!


This workshop will let you create a charming decoration for little princesses as well as for grown up ladies. You will be given colorful ribbons in several themes such as traditional, decent, or neon.

The final creation will be an inspiring surprise. 

Handmade Christmas decoration

Let´s change boring one-color Christmas balls into personalized jewels! We will supply you with a bunch of them as well as with gule, ribbons, colors and more.

The final creation is up to you, but try to imagine having a ball with names or fingerprints of all of your family members.

Wool flowers 

This original bouquet will last all winter. The process is very easy even for kids. You will work with wool, scissors and wooden twigs. 

Wooden Christmas decoration

Create your own Christmas decoration for Christmas tree or as a name tags on gifts. The material for this activity will be shapes such as stars, spheres, angels, hearts and more. 

Your task will be to decorate them by painting, drawing, adding ribbons or sparkling stones.

The alternative for man?

Let´s take a saw and cut your own shape. Will you be able to create a star or a tree shape?

We will be more then happy to create a tailor maid offer for you. Please contact us for it! 


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Workshops are excelent for Christmas and Saint Nicolas parties for kids or adults. The difficulty of the workshops can be adjusted in to the needs of each groups. Try creating Christmas decorations, candles, or bird houses.


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